so i’ve been to italy for a month and so far so amazing


marriage dude: do u take this person who is not a member of 1d to be your husband

me: i guess :/

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#she is so good for him


today bj novak did a reading/signing for his kids book in la so ofc i went bc as some of you know i brought a copy of bj’s book one more thing to the mindy project paleyfest this year and mindy crossed out bj’s name and signed it and i’ve been waiting for a chance for bj to see it

the reading was so cute he was talking to the kids and interacting w them it was rly adorable. oscar from the office was there w his family too and i petted his dog and busy phillips was there w her daughter too it was all so cute

and then at the signing he signed the kids book and then i handed him my book and he saw it and gave this exasperated look like OF COURSE MINDY so i told him i met mindy at paleyfest and she did this and he looked at me and was like “can i?” i was like sure you can do whatever you want it’s your book and he crossed out mindy’s name and signed his own i was literally dying inside. and then before i left he was like “would you put this on the internet?” i was like “yes i’ll tag you”

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Rufi Thorpe, The Girls from Corona del Mar

"Yes, there is something uncanny, demonic and fascinating in her."

—  Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina (via supermodelgif)
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i am 100% done with being the only person putting effort into friendships and i am completely tired of always being the one to have to initiate nearly every conversation

if you want to be in my life start acting like it

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